So Campus: inflatable chairs that facilitate moving

so campus
Typically at the end of the summer, a lot of students will be changing their living locale. Indeed, moving to a new city is to consider a significant reduction in the usage of furniture. The student apartments are usually much smaller than the living space granted by mom and dad. Moreover, it is not enough for a bed, dresser and desk for furnishing a student apartment. How is a student going to get some friends and comrades over and have them sit somewhere? Finally, nobody likes having to climb on a chair in a narrow 4 floors of an old building.

So this is where Campus comes into play. This concept of inflatable furniture meets all the problems listed above. This recent project combines design and pragmatic functionality and is a product of work of many years. In order to reveal the genesis of So Campus and speak in detail of the product, we asked some questions to one of its founders: Denis Verdier.

Arash & Kelly: Hi Denis, we are delighted to welcome you here on arashandkelly. Although here we know you very well, we invite you to present yourself to our readers.

Hello Arash & Kelly!

Well let’s say I do not have a conventional career. Born into a training binder materials science and applied arts I got venture into entrepreneurial alongside UNC Pro as a designer / graphic designer in 2012.

Since we had a good journey together and we continue to thrust forward by launching the inflatable furniture for students with So Campus !

Arash & Kelly: How did you get the idea of ​​developing this type of furniture? Is it coming from some kind of experience of the first apartment that inspired this project?

The idea of this furniture comes from Ludovic Michetti, who during his studies, moved many times between a number cities within a few different countries. He was looking for a solution to such a test of stamina and expensive transport services.

And it was in England that he discovered a student who had furnished his apartment with pool furniture … The “Thunderbolt”!

Arash & Kelly: We knew you via UNC Pro (firm customizable inflatable furniture for events). Is this joint experiment a business driving motor or more like a laboratory to make “useful errors” and learn from them.

It is true that the original idea was to create the first inflatable furniture 100% dedicated to the students to facilitate repetitive moves. But as the idea is never the result, UNC Pro was created to meet the needs of logistics and customization in the effort to make it all happen. This allowed us to do both to make “useful errorand at the same time developing skills to be ready to start So Campus ™.

Arash & Kelly: How were the different phases of design? Are you getting busy yourself or you have a team around you for this task?

For the creative process (design, branding, etc …) we often work together with Ludovic, he brings me his creative vision of the project. It is important to move forward with others to push their work to the fullest and achieve optimal results.

Arash & Kelly: the inflatable chair you offer is available in purple. Is this the only color that you propose? If not, what will be the future colors and patterns that you will develop? Collaborations with artists and designers is something we can assume is happening right now, correct?

No, of course we will develop the colors to appeal to all world! We do not yet have anything specific in mind, but it will be in a range of strong and varied colors!

Collaborations with artists / designers are not yet in the program, before we develop our network of ambassador So Campus.

Arash & Kelly: What kind of material do you use to manufacture? Have you tested different options?

For the manufacture of the chair we use a PVC whose surface has been showing remarkable results. We want to move away from pool supplies so we tested many options to achieve this result.

Arash & Kelly: And what is the factor that decided your choice? Resistance? The custom possible shapes / colors?

The expertise of the manufacturer with this material allowed to meet our design to offer an innovative furniture. Then, this material is also available in major colors which will help us expand the range!

Arash & Kelly: the inflatable chair you offer has a fairly short inflation time. By what means did you get such a result?

It’s pretty simple: The chair has non-return zodiac types that allow input and output of high air while effective hermetic perspective valves do their part. In addition, we provide an electric pump for inflating and deflating in record time!

Arash & Kelly: In terms of delivery of the product, how is it happening? Is it long? Are you operating in lean, with the order or with sizeable stocks?

To begin the adventure we have 500 parts in stock, available within 72 hours. Orders are placed directly on And to get discounts, you can follow us on our Facebook page:! We do promotions for our fans from time to time!

Arash & Kelly: Do you offer a product design and quality for a much affordable compared to other brands of inflatable furniture or types of furniture design and near trend (ottomans, pears, “fat boys”, etc). What is your secret?

We have no secret, we just want to offer an affordable solution to students who is in the “galley” Moving! The goal is to save students substantial amounts of money from the tedious process of moving.

Arash & Kelly: The ambassador policy you have set up is interesting. Can you explain to our readers?

Actually I mentioned above, our ambassador So Campus system is simple: each student can sell the chair at his university So Campus and make some pocket money! At a rate of € 10 earned per seat sold, simply register on our website and ambassadors are contacted by phone and accompanied by us.

Arash & Kelly: Finally, what will be the news of So Campus if you have something interesting to share?

We will begin to implement some university campus tours so follow us on Facebook for more information!

Arash & Kelly: Anyway, thank you very much for talking to us Denis. You are always welcome to Arash & Kelly blog!

Choosing the best carpet for your home and your lifestyle

red carpet
Carpet is one of the most popular types of flooring to decorate the interior and introduce class and some trendy elements. Most people are familiar with the virtues of the carpet, but many do not know what to look for when deciding to buy one. This article breaks down the basic composition such as carpet padding, fiber, density and texture.

A crucial factor when considering carpeting for a home is the amount of traffic it receives. Especially if the carpet is near the front door or in a common room. In this case, a durable and extremely dense carpet will be needed. The following factors should also be analyzed to ensure that your future carpet is a good investment.

Carpet fibers

In general, the main carpet fibers are polypropylene, polyester, nylon and acrylic. They are essential for the price and performance. More research could be done on the matter in order to ensure possibly the best price-to-quality ration for your living room.

choice of carpets
The density of the carpet

The density of the mat is the number of fibers per square centimeter for determining the quality of the carpet. Even for the most design carpet, the density is always an important factor when deciding which carpet type or brand to purchase.

The texture of carpet

The textures of the most common carpet are:

- Valvet – heap stuffed where the fibers are cut to the same height and are more likely to have fingerprints and dirt at a faster pace)

- Curly level (made ​​with tufted loops of the same height, easy to clean)
Curly multilevel (loops of different heights that create a sculpted / molded area)

The carpet padding

The padding should always be used in carpets, unless the carpet is provided with a foam backing. The pad allows the pad to have a surface smoother running, cold stages to isolate and absorb the noise and to prevent movement of the slide and the carpet. Forty ounces padding is usually enough, but if a homeowner is unsure, they should move to 50 oz padding. The types of padding are felted (made of all sorts, or a mixture of felt and fiber), foam rubber, sponge rubber (flat and embossed finish) and urethane foam (extremely durable in wet or hot conditions ).


One should always be mindful how to properly maintain the carpet. Some people opt for having a carpet in their bathroom or kitchen although it is not such a widespread choice due to the high probability of stains and spots due to the nature of these places. Protective solutions are sometimes recommended especially if the homeowner has small children in the house or pets that play around a lot. These can prevent a potential stain from reaching the paddding and thereby become effectively irremovable. It is also important for carpets to be cleaned professionally at least every once in a while to increase their lifespan. On top of that, regular vacuuming is also a must.The carpet is a great choice when it comes to flooring. It is comfortable, warm, and can be simple to install.

Focus on your living room: small selection of designer sofas

living room ideas
If you want to change the couch and you’re looking for ideas classified as a bit more “out of the box”, you are exactly in the right place! Regular readers will recognize our undeniable mania here to see product selections. Those who discover us for the first time can assess the quality of products that we spend lots of time hunting down. It’s always a pleasure for us to know that we helped you to decorate your home and in that regard, feel free to share any comments or opinions that you may have about the information you encounter here.

Yoka sofa: design curves in black and white

yoka We start with a classic black and white design sofa. Although some find it cools the atmosphere of a room (which drew an analogy with the penguins?), we still consider it a very unique design worth mentioning. This model called Yoka, we believe carved into a cylinder, available in Version 1, 2 or 3 places. The designer was inspired by round and harmonious forms, in order to perfect the idea of ​​comfort and relaxation inspired by these sofas and armchairs. Indeed, it has adjustable headrests and a padding of 3 layers of foam of different densities!

Kartell x Patricia Urquolia

FoilageThe talented Spanish designer Patricia Urquolia designed the Foliage sofa for the famous Italian brand Kartell.
Indeed, at first glance the sofas in the Foliage collection give us a sense of organic creation. It seems clear that Patricia Urquolia was simply inspired by the structure of branches present in nature to compose the base of the sofa. And worth remembering that we’re big enthusiasts of the natural integration into the design. This sofa brings anyway Kartell to soft and comfortable thanks to its fully padded seat horizons.

Reissue Poet” Finn Juhl

PoetThis sofa is Poet bit of the history of Scandinavian design. At first glance, nothing special for the layman. But the eye of the connoisseur” will recognize the tab directly experienced the Danish Finn Juhl master. The latter removed this iconic model of her mind in 1941. This sofa was originally one that claims to beautify the living room of the designer. The design history had other and avoided depriving lovers of beautiful things everywhere. This sofa combines dogmatic simplicity of Scandinavian design to thin cashmere covering its base. This helps take the pragmatic and functional Scandinavian design to the world of luxury and premium furniture pieces.

But most important is that this sofa is still available for sale in 2013 because several firms whose INFURN the reissues for sale on their websites. Several colors are available to match best with your existing decor.


Having visited a lot of your friends and relatives houses, you are bound to have noticed how typical most of their furniture pieces are. The sheer lack of creativity and ingenuity can bring about a world of boredom able to strip down any and all bursts of free will and harmonic sense of comfort. We sincerely hope these suggestions will prove useful to you and to at the very least give you an idea what is out there in terms of furniture selection. There are plenty of styles, shapes and forms to choose from and one can really let their imagination go wild in an effort to decorate the living room in a more interesting fashion.

A little more seating design: chairs, sofas and couches!


This will be an article that greatly tocuhes on different designs of couches, sofas and chairs. We seem to be so used to having to being behind the computer screen and browse the entire product design photos galleries (drooling a little, I admit!). We always try to present both affordable and fun products as well as the cream of the crop of international design. Here is the selection we have assembled especially for all of you.

Chair original Eawes

Eawes chairHere’s a great classic design chair, making a strong comeback since last year! The proof of its success is that this model is imitated by all firms furniture design en mass. Where the original far exceeds its clones, it is in terms of material. For novices, the seat of the first chairs from the workshops of Charles Eawes were constructed of a plastic called Vitra. This material is far superior to ABS for strength and durability.

I am also personally a big fan of wooden feet, signature school of Scandinavian design. Moreover, opting for an original model, you salute the creativity of an artist flawless designer, and that, that was priceless. The workshop offers 159 just to sell a range of original chairs Eawes.

Duna chair

duna FauteuilIf you are addicted to traditionalism, you will be delighted by this leather armchair named Duna. It also is perfect if you are in a vintage period and that the universe shows like Mad Men you completely snapped.

Comfort level, do not be fooled by its rigid air and its leather: this chair is very soft and you still will not have the feeling of literally push you into it. Indeed, the armrests are placed up and allow you to combine relaxation and right stature. Warning is issued to comply with proper maintenance of your leather and try not to scratch it.

Tub Chair Vivaldi

Tetrad HarrisA toad chair? For novices, the idea being swamped in a sea of drool said animal touches the mind for a few seconds. Far from coasseurs amphibians that we know, toads chairs impose a certain class. They appeared in the mid 19th century in France, and their roots in the Second Empire style.

The chair toad Vivaldi exercised when his totally 2014 rendition of this flagship model seat. It is adorned with a linen cloth, padded on the seat and backrest. In color, on this model there is a magnificent combination of gray and natural wood feet. The structure is supported by birch panels highly resistant fiber.

Couches and sofas
Animal flesh sofa

animal sofaAnd here again a toad chair is presented. This chair is from the beautifully designed “Animal Chairs” series, which includes a zoo element in a black chair. Admire the detailed work carried out by Maximo Riera on the heads of these animals. You’d see here taxidermy work!

San Francisco padded sofa

After all these rounded forms and fleeting, find a little more design Cartesian”. Indeed, padded leather sofa remains unbeatable in terms of classy design. For a change, we chose a corner sofa design called “San Francisco”.

In addition to its looks unstoppable in design, it has a solid wood structure and interlaced for durability springs.

Baroque sofa Wellington

Banned by some to other styles in recent years, the Baroque is back. If you‘re like me, a big fan of red and burgundy hues, surely you will opt for this model 3 seater sofa Wellington”.
wellington sofa
His generous and almost anatomical forms are not without recalling the famous mouth of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” But maybe I‘m the only one! Anyway sounds velvet lining underlines this impression of sensuality and class that originally attracted me.

Cool tricks to maintain your sofa

leather sofa

Alone, in a couple, or as a part of a family, we spend hours lounging on our sofa. Also it is important to clean it regularly to keep it free of distractions and everyday dirt. Check out all our tricks and methods to maintain your sofa, whether leather or fabric!

How to maintain your leather sofa?

Buying a leather sofa does not happen without some hesitation. Certainly it will give style to your living room, but in return it will require constant attention. If you have children the spots are virtually guaranteed but that should not worry you too much if you know the means to take care of that effectively. A brief overview of precautions:

Gestures maintenance:

To maintain the beauty of the leather, it is advisable to regularly dust and smooth the surface of the sofa with a slightly damp chamois. Repeat this action once a week.

Once a month, take advantage of a large household to apply a maintenance cream over the entire surface of the leather sofa with a soft cloth. Alta Leather brand is offering a nourishing milk that moisturizes deeply your leather.

Once a year, it is advisable to make a large sofa cleaning. leather cleaningSurprising but approved method: the traditional soap works miracles. Soak a cloth in a bowl, moisten with water and soap. The program enables you to back up the flexibility of your leather. Alternatively, you can always opt for professional cleaning business if you are afraid of damaging your sofa.

The leather special shampoos are available for sale and also clean the leather thoroughly. They remove any stains while maintaining your leather coloring.

Warning: before using any product for your sofa, you should always test on an inconspicuous part to ensure that the material supports this kind of detergent.
Do not:

The location of the sofa in the room plays a major role in its life. And care is taken not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Heat sources are obviously banned from the leather sofa. Do not install it near a fireplace, heater or stove. The leather will crack under the pressure of the heat.

Finally preventive and often difficult to enforce gesture: avoid the whole family to snack on the leather sofa. This will prevent damage to the leather.

No maintenance was done and a spot just made its appearance on the leather? Do not worry, help is at hand in a cupboard in the bathroom. Body lotion baby is recovered and applied in a thin layer on the stain with a cotton pad. This milk will hydrate the stained area.

Advice from a pro

  • What is recommended?

Jacky Baumannn in charge of after-sales service of Leather Center: Already, we avoid exposing the sofa to light because it can alter the flexibility of leather. Then you have to regularly dust off the surface of the sofa with a cloth slightly moistened. This is a basic operation that preserves the leather.

What are your maintenance tips?

Once a quarter you can clean your leather thoroughly with special shampoo leather. The goal is to clean the leather to keep it clean and prevent dirt accumulation on the surface of the leather coming alter depth (destroys pigment colors or varnish)

This sponge shampoo is ready and it is passed on without rubbing leather with circular motions but then rinsed with a clean sponge movement.

Second step: a specific treatment cream is applied to the leather. This product aims to isolate the leather from external aggression. It is a preventive cream that will allow the leather to remain flexible.

Some solutions for specific spots on a leather sofa?

Food stain? The leather sofa will not absorb food or liquid stain. The task was extracted first with an absorbent then a special shampoo leather is used to deep clean the fabric.

Chewing gum? We will use the old methods taught to us by our grandmothers –  you put an ice cube in a plastic bag and hold it against the stain. By cooling the spot, the stickiness will disappear and we will just scrape carefully.

Paint, varnish and cigarette burns? In such cases, it will be better to hire a specialist leather shop that will advise a suitable product without having to change the entire panel of leather.

The ultimate advice?

Once you have cleaned your little spot with a suitable shampoo locally, it will be advisable to clean the entire leather panel. For example, for a spot of jam at a place of the seat, it will clean up the rest of the seat so that there is no difference in the brightness of the leather on the entire panel.

6 ways to match the table and chairs for dining in style

chairs and table
Choosing furniture for the dining room means to always start with the table and chairs! Simple at first … but the choice in marriage of styles, materials and colors is such that the first step to cross decor can be a real headache! Should we strive for a consistent style between the table and chairs for dining room? Should we mix materials? Can we dare to color and get a chic dining? So many options!

Wooden table and chairs made of leather

Sleek and contemporary would be the way to describe it. The dining room table is surrounded by a series of chairs in brown leather. The lines are consistent: right rectangular table and chairs looking modern but simple, light Italian design. Table and chairs fit perfectly in a modern dining room with simple, chic warm feel to it. The consistency of colors and materials is a Zen aesthetic factor. In this contemporary dining room, wood is being honored with the beautiful wooden sliding door.

Absolute transparency

The  dining table glass is a great standard of dining room design. To play full transparency, the glass table can match transparent plastic chairs. transparent tablePerfect composition decorated contemporary dining room that combines design and old fashioned emotions if you are the type of person to enjoy such things.

Table and chairs upholstered leather

Simple reliable light wood that fits into many styles of dining, from the dining room to the rustic modern dining room is often preferred by many. For comfortable seating, chairs offer a high back in straight and thick lines. Smooth or pitted, this range of modern and comfortable chairs are made ​​of synthetic leather and full grain cowhide leather.

Glass table and chairs red design

The choice of a glass table, the choice of a table that knows fade to give their place to dining chairs. Due to the neutrality of the glass from the table, the chairs have to be made of emancipated material colors and weirdly unexpected shapes. Chairs with predominant color being red, offer the dining room a unique design that gives a boost to the table. Pulling away from the dining room to a gadget style, red chair design can be very chic provided it is integrated in an interior architecture and upscale decor. Note: wood softens the atmosphere and works very well with red.

Table and chairs with Baroque design

Baroque design suggests tables from the antique ages as well as dining chairs style that matches the table. The design of plastic chairs imitating Baroque style contrast while playing with the consistency table. Their rounded backrest recalls the shape of antique medallions and creates consistency with the table. Table and chairs of this kind are ideal for dining rooms in apartments with interiors seeks to preserve the classic and cozy Parisian chic interiors while introducing furniture and design objects.

Concrete table and metal chairs

For years a contemporary dining room with large volumes and minimalist decor was represented by the concrete table that fits into the decor and is usually very obvious. To play with the materials, this table offers a tray Lege ® concrete and old wooden feet. Indeed contemporary and sober colors plus the chairs design metal in a beautiful tone and consistency of raw materials.

As one can easily discover for him or herself, there is much to choose from. The good old days when you would just buy whatever is available seem to be long gone and forgotten only to make way for different styles and tastes. A change for the better, perhaps. Now one is free to express whatever emotions or combinations tickle the heart and thus achieve more productive or soothing home environment.

How to restore old furniture

partially restored

Most people have in their house some type of old furniture or another and this furniture is often the most used of all since it has been around for quite a while now. Depending on how long it has been in service, you might be able to restore it so it is in almost perfect condition. That is, of course, if you know what you are doing.

Ralph Swan worked with wood for over twenty years, and he points out that a restoration that we potentially undertake ourselves can be very satisfying. “A piece of furniture that we managed to prolong the life of becomes even more valuable, he says, and it may possibly be passed from one generation to another.

Painting and refinishing furniture are activities enjoying an increasing popularity these days. This is sensible option, but Mr Swan believes it is better to do a little research before undertaking such a project. After all, there are plenty of little details to consider if you want to avoid a scenario in which you add to the damage rather than provide actual repairs and restoration.

It is better to leave some tracks in their natural state, because despite the wear they are more valuable if they are in their original condition. Make sure you inspect the furniture to see if there are no tags or identifying marks that could reveal its origins.

If you discover that the furniture in question is a rare piece that has a lot of value, contact a professional to preserve its original beauty and even potentially cash in a big reward if you don’t need the furniture itself but could use the extra money.

Ralph Swan, who works with WaterSeal Minwax products, recommends the following tips when you begin your restoration project:

Clean the cabinet with the wood cleaner before applying a finish.

Remove the old wax and residues with two cloths - one that is soaked with paint thinner, and another to wipe the entire surface.

To remove the old finish, you can use steel wool grain, brush strip, lint-free cloths and restorer of antique wood Minwax.

• Soak a pad of steel wool in a small amount of wood restorer, remove the excess and test the product on a place that does not show.

Apply the renovator with steel wool in a circular motion allowing the old finish to soften. Repeat, wipe the surface with a clean cloth, and repeat again.

Remove residues finished with a lint-free cloth.

Allow to dry for two days and then apply stain to wood. Allow the stain to penetrate the wood for five minutes and then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Wait at least 4 to 6 hours and repeat the dyeing process.

Allow to dry for 24 hours and then apply a coat of protective finish antique oil using a brush with natural bristles. Wait five minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth. Wait 24 hours and repeat.

Let the oil finish dry for a day and then apply a thin layer of paste wax finish.

Take a dollop of wax, place it at the center of two to three layers of unbleached cotton fabric and apply the wax.

Then apply three to four thin, even layers that can be polished after 30 minutes with an old piece of denim.

Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Work in a well ventilated and protected, and dispose of rags in a responsible place.

Wear old clothes and goggles during labor for extra protection as well as gloves. Work patiently and attentively, leaving no spots untreated and keep to the timetable to maximize results.

How to make furniture with recycled pallets

wooden pallets
Recycling is happening more than ever before and many ideas can be put into practice to decorate your home while recycling. This is not only to live greener by reusing resources, but save a lot of money by creating original furniture that will give your home a unique style. This article gives you some amazing ideas for how to make furniture with recycled pallets.

What you should know

Pallets are used to transport products and materials to many supermarkets, restaurants, grocery stores and even boutiques. The best way to recover these is to walk in your neighborhood or in the most popular places in your area and talk to the store owners. It is also common to see outside stores after hours, it’s a good time to pick them up. You will find them in different sizes, which makes them a perfect raw material for all types of furniture.

Working with palettes

Although pallets are not made ​​with good quality wood, they are very strong and after a few changes, they appear quite awesome in your home. Therefore, in order to improve their appearance, you should always:

- Sand the pallet elements, this will allow you to remove splinters and improve their appearance.

- Apply varnish, it can be transparent or colored, depending on your choice. It can protect the wood and give it a nice shine. If you prefer, keep its natural look and just skip this step.

Make sofas with pallets

When it comes to furnishing a room, furniture that requires the most investment is usually the couch. But if you are creative and love the eco-friendly style, you’ll find this great idea of recycling to make your own furniture quite attractive. Collect several pallets of thick and durable wood, sand and varnish them but make sure they really are especially strong and not just appear as such.
sofa from pallets
The pallets will be the base and back of your couch. You must choose the pieces of the desired size, cut carefully and attach the file and those of the base with nails, so that they are stable. You can also make independent elements, which is so fashionable nowadays.

Place over the cushions that serve as padding, they can be simple or long, depending on your taste. The result is amazing, attractive and very original.

Make a coffee table with paddles

This is one of the most popular ways to reuse pallets. This is a very simple to make and brings life to any space in your living room or dining room.
pallet coffee table
To make a coffee table with paddles, take a piece of the desired length for the table, rub down and instead of varnish, you can paint it a color in harmony with the decor of your home. Some people install four wheels on the legs to move it easily, others prefer not to add anything.

You can also place a custom cut glass or leave it as is to give it a more rustic style. What do you think of the result?

Make a library with pallets

Libraries or windows have a fundamental place in most places. But we do not always have the money to make this purchase. If you prefer to opt for something original rather than buying the same furniture that everyone else uses, then we encourage you to make a library with pallets.

The best way is to opt for a modular design, installing several boxes of pallets on the wall and imagining your own furniture. This will allow you to vary the styles and colors, many people choose to paint, a little imagination makes a huge difference.

If you decide to create a complete piece of furniture, the best way is to join the pieces together and make a compact library.

Make shelves with pallets

Another easy way to decorate your home with pallets is to create shelves, which can be as simple as installing a piece of whole palette and use it to place pictures, letters or plants, or make shelves with crates or pallets modules original form.

Decorate your home with pallets requires only a little imagination and creativity. You can get amazing results well worth bragging about. How many people do you actually know to be doing such a thing? Not great many for sure. You can do your home some good while preserving environment’s resources and even save a good deal of money in the process. All that is required is some imagination and the willingness to put in the effort.

Back pain: which mattress to choose?

good mattress
Painful awakenings because of back pain can be extremely frustrating especially if one desperately needs the rest. First reaction: blame our bedding. Between latex foam and bagged or double cone springs, this article can help you find the mattress you need.

You want to change the bedding, but the importance of the task can make you confused. Which mattress do I prefer and what should I be careful if I suffer from chronic back aches?

For Dr. François Duforez, doctor working for the sleep center of the Hotel-Dieu in Paris, and founder of the European Sleep Center, the close relationship between pain and sleep is not to be doubted, especially during the second part of night reserved for REM sleep. The latter, more superficial, is therefore more fragile when inflammatory problem arises.

“Clinical observations have shown that poor bedding makes the back more sensitive to the pain, he says. In addition, a new bedding, muscle activity is reduced, the microreveils are fewer.

Just to be on the safe side, it is worth remembering that if a better bedding can provide better sleep, it can not be the only response to the many causes of back problems.

Five things to check when choosing a mattress

This is not so much related to the technology - latex, foam or springs - which account it is even unimportant according to sleep specialists. Instead, we must focus on the intrinsic qualities of the mattress, box spring without forgetting that provides much of the breakdown of the bedding.

Neither too soft nor too hard

The idea that a very firm mattress would be good for the back, or a board between the mattress and box spring fixes everything is founded on pure misconception, it is actually quite the contrary.quality mattress If you move a lot during the night and that we suffer from inflammatory pain, we will spend time to wake them on a mattress which hosts too rigidly pressure points of the body. That’s why Dr. Duforez does not recommend the use of the futon for those who complain of back pain.

Comfort = a soft mattress

Whatever the technique used is the formula to remember. A first impression of comfort is the association of softness; one second feeling proper conduct of all body parts, including its pressure points like shoulders, buttocks, etc. This is the objective to search. Without neglecting the thickness of the mattress over its density, the better it will absorb the shock” of nocturnal movements, the better the overall quality of the mattress is.

The temperature control

It is a dimension that rarely comes to mind, yet it is essential that the mattress should provide good control of body temperature to ensure adequate sleep. If it was too hot, sleeping poorly would be the result, and the threshold of pain is modified. Similarly we can draw such conclusions about shudders. Natural materials (wool, cotton) generally provide better heat exchange.

The right size

We should not adopt too small kind of bedding, although the space in which we will install is not very large. On average, beds are 140 cm wide. It is highly advisable to go to 160 and even 180 cm. if you feel the need to If one partner moves a lot, it will inevitably affect the quality of sleep of others and increase pain by changing his movements by the comfort in which his/her partner had moved.

The fun part

The subjective nature of the choice is not ruled out. It’s all about sensations. But the fun is an essential component in the quality of sleep, not to be overlooked!

Mattress technologies

Latex, foam and springs have their specificities. Overview of the different types of mattresses is available online.

Originally a natural material derived from the sap of rubber trees, but most often it is a synthetic compound with characteristics better controlled by manufacturers.

For what purpose? It is often recommended for patients with allergies. It offers further excellent ventilation qualities, so it is particularly suitable for those that eliminate a lot of water while they sleep.

Several proposals for the same technology: pocket springs; more conventional double cone springs, expanded in their bases and tightened at the center; or the famous “multi-turn” of Epeda mark, made ​​with a continuous thread.

For what purpose? Pocket springs allow for two, independence sleeping. Biconical offer proactive support to those that move a lot. The multi-turn promise feeling more seamless support.

Polyurethane foam offers different qualities depending on its density. They say she is highly resilient” as bultex, since its density is higher than 35 kg / m 3. As for the foam shape memory”, it offers the greatest qualities of elasticity.

For what purpose? Due to its cellular system, the foam can easily adjust the contact points of the body. The foam shape memory” fits the silhouette. However, it hardens and softens or is cold or warm.

How to find a suitable children desk

children desk

When choosing children furniture, there are a number of factors to consider in order to make the right choice. In this article, we try to produce the best tips to take into account when purchasing office furniture for children.

1. The office must first appeal to your child

As the name suggests, a child desk is to be considered a kid’s office in a way. This would mean that it is intended for use by the child itself and not by us, its parents. Therefore, it is first necessary that the office suits your kid. It serves no purpose you buy a desk that you like but do not respond at all to the taste of your child. It will probably reject it rendering the investment to no avail.

To choose an office that pleases your child, there are some tricks like:

Go together with your child instead of buying hastly and let them choose the design, color, the model that suits him or her.small desk If you buy on the Internet, ask your child to choose among the models shown on the vendor’s site. Drive around several stores to find the office that your child really wants. Please do an internet search for in the specialty sites to see the range of available models in order to have a wider choice and increase the chance of a satisfactory purchase at the end.

2. The life of the child is an important factor when setting up theoffice

When choosing a child office, it is important to take into account the lifetime of the office. There are offices for children in boxes that do not last long, while there has offices in solid wood that lasts longer. Sellers of furniture for kids can give you more advice on the materials used for office (cardboard, plastics, wood etc.) and therefore over their useful lives respectively. But depending on your goals, choose the material that best suits you for life, so the duration of use will remain satisfactory.

3. Other technical aspects

Other technical parameters are also to be taken into account when buying office furniture for children. One example is the adjustability of the office. There are offices for children with adjustable height or surface, and this can be important when you want to customize the desktop to the size of the child or if you want to maximize space in your child’s room. This is for example the possibility of having cupboards and drawers. adjustible deskThere are offices for children with multiple storage compartments and drawers allowing the child to a tidy and orderly business.
These two examples are not the only technical parameters. There’s more. But the ideal is not to forget to inquire your dealer for more office furniture specifications and benefits.

4. What about the price?

The price aspect is also a determining factor in choosing the office of your child. The price depends on several factors such as: design, material (wood, plastic, etc.), technical aspects (see previous section), the age group (there are offices for 2-4 years, as more 5 years for example), make, etc.

Generally, the price can range from 40 Euros to 600 Euros or more, depending on the brand and the factors mentioned above. The table of the children’s desk costs more than the office chair. But note that, in general, vendors sell all in one lot for practical purposes.

5. Tips for a few quality brands

The quality of children’s desk also depends on the brand. Some brands are high quality but cost more, while others are of inferior quality and are relatively cheap, and therefore accessible. It all depends on your budget and goals.
Some large manufacturers or retailers or distributors of furniture for children for whom there is an infinite number of quality brands:

Conforama, IKEA, Paragraph furniture & decoration, FLY furniture and decoration, La Redoute, Twenga, etc.

As you have probably understood by now, there are quite a few factors which determine your success in acquiring a good desk for your child. We made a fair attempt to note most of the important ones, however, be mindful there is always a bit of something else to consider so having a good think about it might just do you justice before you consider pulling out your credit card.